“Earth and Man - Geander” - Á webpage and database

    The "GEANDER" webpage and database is a teaching aid for:
  • Human Geography
  • Poleography
  • Cultural Geography
  • Teaching methods in Geography
  • Teaching methods in Social Science
  • Social Demography
  • Population Geography
that Ioannis Rentzos taught at the Department of Social Anthropology and History and the Department of (Human) Geography in the Aegean University, at the Department of Primary Education in the University of Thessaly, the Department of Cultural Environment of the University of Ioannina and "The Popular University" of the Society of Peoples's Friends.
  • Anyone interested in these topics is welcome to view the contents of this database
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  • Any quotations can only be used by citing the source “Earth and Man - Geander” and the name of the author.
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  • Particularly welcome are those interested in the teaching of geography / human geography / cultural geography and interdisciplinary poleography (click here êáé here) and their upgrade within the Greek educational system. Please feel free to express your views via this webpage.


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